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At What Age Can Dementia Set in?

a person is holding the missing puzzle piece of a puzzle resembling the human mind.

Dementia is a progressive neurological condition characterized by a decline in cognitive function, memory loss, and changes in behavior that interfere with daily life.  While it’s often associated with older age, dementia can occur at different stages of life. The likelihood of developing dementia increases as we age, developing approximately double every five years.  A […]

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Who Qualifies for Assisted Living?

A senior woman walking hand in hand and smiling with a female caregiver.

Assisted living can be a great choice for seniors seeking companionship, support with daily chores, and a sense of community, all within the warmth of a home-like environment. But how do you know if it’s right for you or a loved one?  The requirements for assisted living can vary based on the community you choose, […]

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